Construction Project Life Cycle: Everything You Need To Know

20 Jun

Construction projects are complicated, and often, people lead to failure because they are not sure about the project life cycle. Every contractor has to understand that a project has to complete the life cycle for hitting the success notes. The planning and working on the project has to be overwhelming, but to make it work is essential.

When the project starts the planning process, then it has to consider and divide the things according to the construction project phases. Like what goes in the first stage of the process. The primary purpose of the life cycle is to have it completed on time. The delay and time problems have been an issue in the construction industry, and often, contractors end up being in a claim.

If you are managing a project in UAE and want to get prior insight on the claim to get a better understanding of the project life cycle, then opt for the professional construction claims consultants in Dubai for a bit of life-saving advice. While you are doing that, read on this article to know more about the project life cycle of a construction project.

Essential phases of the construction project life cycle:

The construction projects are lengthy, and a lot of little things need to be considered to hit the high notes and completion of the project on time. The project management requires a lot of time, team and resource management so the project life cycle has to have the structure and logical steps which can be manageable. 

Following are some of the phases which are must have in a successful construction project:

Start of the project:

The first phase of the project life cycle is initiation and assesses the feasibility of the project. This is the step when the documentation and feasibility of the projects are evaluated. The documentation and feasibility assessment will define the timeline and the benefits of the execution.

Planning of the project:

Once stage 1 is done, then the next step is the planning of the project. The plan to complete the project in the given budget and time will determine the work later on, so it has to be well thought off. During the planning phase, the communication, task assignment, risk management, and stakeholders meetings as well as vendors.

Execution of the project:

Once everything is planned, then implementation is the next stage. It is getting the work started and resource management along with the ways. Team leaders are watching after the teams and getting the job done on time with the resources in hand.

Monitor and closure of the project:

The last stage of the success of the construction project is monitoring and closure. This is when you bring the initial plan and see how much it actually implemented. The project will also monitor the performance and if delivery was according to expectations.

Final notes!

When you are trying to run a successful project, then you need to complete the life cycle. Often when one of the stages in the life cycle is messy, then it will decrease the chances of the success resulting in construction claims

Remember to follow the project life cycle to the T and if you need any advice on the construction projects then check out the professional services of the construction claims consultants in Dubai so that the task stays on track.

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